Herlihy Rams the competition

Herlihy Rams your competitors

There were no leaderboards at the New Haven Country Club Tuesday for the Southern Connecticut Conference golf great, So it’s simple that the competitors don’t know how they stand until they finish play. It’s mostly a guessing game. Cheshire senior Pat Herlihy didn’t bother wanting, Instead being more considering how his teammates fared.

He didn’t be concerned. Cheshire captured the team great by 6 shots over Fairfield Prep. Herlihy was precisely why, Taking medalist honors by using a 4 over par 75. Fairfield Prep’s Brian Hughes killed second at 76.

„It never even crossed my thoughts. Gurus them(Offers teammates) Photographs got in, Defined Herlihy, Who will play golf at Fordham as well as college in the fall. „If i tell my dad, Rrt is going to hit me(About finding medalist). It is in reality a team sport. You are more worried about your teammates and how they actually do,

Said Cheshire train Dan Lee: „New Haven is one of the more difficult courses in the area. Bennett submitted third(78) And then a four way tie for fourth place at 79. Hand placed third in the team great, 1 shot in the Prep. Hamden made fourth.

You see, our own Rams, Who finished third yr after, Got a big shot of self esteem last Wednesday when they went to Brooklawn CC in Fairfield and handed Fairfield Prep its first regular season loss in four seasons on its home course.

„That environment gets you ready for a really situation, Lee understood. „It’s a great course against a great foe, So to go down there and also do it, The guys found out what they were are able of,

Herlihy’s teammates rose to the seminar again Tuesday. Matt Reims was within your tie for fourth at 79, Accompanied by Greg Palmer(82) And he Goggins(84).

Hughes took part in the same group as Herlihy, Filing the medalist’s scorecard. He concluded that on the 17th tee how far behind he was. Then he watched Herlihy two putt from great distance on the final hole to secure the laurels.

„I was surprised at some of the pin placements, Said barnes, Who can play at UConn. „Apart from that, I thought overall the course played fair. You must carry out the putts, And i did not,

Three of the league’s top fanatics, Brian Engstrom of Notre Dame West location, Geoff Vartelas of Xavier and Bill Pond of upper Haven, Were disqualified after all three hit from an incorrect set of tees on the second hole.